Woman in need of cellulite treatment in Bay Area

How to Deal with Cellulite

Do you have dimples and lumps on your skin? Hips, buttocks, thighs, or abdomen are common areas for lumps. Does the appearance of your skin often make you unhappy? If you are having a hard time accepting it, we understand. For some, it can be frustrating to look at the skin with lumps and live with it. If you find it hard to accept it, the best solution is to work toward it. Cellulite is prevalent, and 80% to 90% of women may experience cellulite at some point in their lives. The percentage is extensively high compared to men, who may account for around 10%. It is fat pushing against the connective tissues beneath your skin. It looks like your skin is lumpy with dimples. It may not be harmful, but the appearance can be a huge disappointment. Factors like age, sex, genetics, body fat, and skin thickness will determine how much body fat you have and how visible it is. Your age and weight can make the appearance of cellulite more evident.

Grades of Cellulite

  • Grade 0 – There is no cellulite on your body.
  • Grade 1 – When you stand up, the skin is smooth, but when you sit down, mild dimples appear.
  • Grade 2 – If you are sitting or standing, your moderate dimples will appear.
  • Grade 3 – If you are sitting or standing, your skin has severe dimples.

How it Works

Are you tired of cellulite? Are you done hiding it? Do you want to improve the appearance of your skin? This is where Vanquish ME™ comes in! It is FDA approved, non-invasive procedure and emits radiofrequency and pressure on the targeted area to reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples. There is no downtime and may treat five causes of cellulite dimples:

  • Skin elasticity due to deteriorating elastin and collagen
  • Enlarged fat
  • Metabolic waste retention
  • Poor blood flow
  • Fibrous bands (septae) that pull down skin

It is safe for all skin types and be used for mild to moderate cellulite. The treatment session on one targeted area lasts around 20 min, depending on the targeted area. The provider will ask you to lie on the treatment table. The provider will place the device hovering over the targeted treatment area to deliver radiofrequency. Your skin will feel warm, but the continual movement and automatic shutoff will ensure your body doesn’t become too hot or uncomfortable. Your skin may feel warm and look pink for 30 minutes, but you can resume normal activities. But remember, it cannot fix all your problems, such as extreme sagging. It is also not a fat-reduction treatment method, so if you are looking for an invasive or non-invasive procedure to get rid of the fat, you may be wrong. It can simply help with your cellulite and not fat.