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How to Get Less Fat and More Muscle

We know how important it is to you to lose body fat. We live in this social media era, where looks matter and the buzz around physical appearance is real. Social media users are influenced by what they see and try to adapt to it. A new year means new challenges and goals and unleashing your highest potential in whatever you do. We know many of you try to strike out unhealthy diets, fasting, and unhealthy lifestyle habits to achieve your body goals. Many times, or not, it may or may not work for individuals as it is all about targeting your calorie intake and maintaining it. It is a persistent effort. As humans, we are likely to lose the determination to keep moving. Losing interest due to lack of results is the most common reason. The only way forward is to focus and persist toward your body goals. Today, it is not only about losing body fat but having a toned body as well.

Get Rid of those Extra Inches

Meanwhile, studies suggest a rapid growth in trends, market share, opportunities, etc., reflecting on body contouring devices in the industry. Whether surgical or non-surgical methods, the need to look good and stay in shape is essential. It is a huge factor as it is more about staying relevant and how social media impacts minds. Undoubtedly, positive and negative body imaging is out there on your face, but at the same time, unrealistic standards and comparisons are a thing. Be it beauty standards, body goals, etc., everything may seem so perfect that people are easily influenced by what they see. The fuss around non-surgical body sculpting methods is massive, as its easy and convenient results have made it a popular choice. No matter how many squats or lunges you do, achieving the desired body goals is a collective effort with diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. The results may or may not be visible as they depend on your determination and a combination of factors, but with body sculpting devices like Emsculpt Neo®, you may get it in no time.

Emsculpt Neo® Reduces Fat and Builds Muscles

Emsculpt Neo® is the world’s first non-invasive fat-burning and muscle-building procedure. Unlike other methods, it requires no preparations and lasts 30 minutes. It is a safe procedure using high-intensity electromagnetic energy like 20,000 sit-ups or pushups. These muscle contractions eliminate fat and build muscles in several sessions. You may see the visible changes after the first treatment. For some patients, 2 to 4 sessions are enough, while others may need additional sessions. Our experts examine if you require additional treatment to achieve aesthetic goals during the consultation. So, be it the abdomen, calves, arms, thighs, or buttocks, if you want to get rid of pockets of fat and tone muscles, Emsculpt Neo® is the solution. Schedule an appointment with BAY AREA MED SPAS at (510) 560-7060 for the desired results.