Woman protecting skin from cold weather in Bay Area

Must-Haves for Winter Skincare Routine

Winter means lots of dry skin, dehydration, cold and cough, and risk of developing health issues. Dermatologists often mention that you may become immune to certain ingredients in your skincare products. Your product may work, but the results have reduced, and you may no longer see the same effectiveness. There are also chances that your skincare products may not work in tandem with each other. Honestly, anything is possible. However, it is suggested that your skincare routine should change with the seasons. During winter, your skin becomes extremely dry and requires much more hydration. If you continue the same skincare routine for years, you may not feel the difference in results at some point.

Winter is all about taking extra care of your skin. Here is a list of suggestions you can consider after seeking advice from your dermatologist.

Go for a gentle cleanser

When you remove your makeup, you want to use a cleanser that removes your makeup, dirt, or impurities but keeps the moisture intact. Remember, this is probably the first step in your skincare routine and must be the most beneficial for your skin.

Rich moisturizer

Your skin is most likely dehydrated in winter and requires thicker moisturizer. Summer is more about having that calm refreshing moisturizer, whereas you would require a much richer moisturizer to keep your moisture intact. But if you already have dry skin, you may need something that locks your moisture for a long time.

Don’t skip exfoliation

Overexposure to cold weather can likely dry out your skin. Your skin needs exfoliation as dead skin can accumulate and cause dryness. You may not exfoliate as much as you used to during summer, but the idea is to exfoliate regularly.

Use a hydrating face mask

Facial masks can be harsh during winter. So, trying hydrating, cream-based, or sheet masks for winter is a good idea. Face masks may hydrate your skin, remove dirt and excess oil, and improve the appearance of your pores.

Don’t forget to protect your lips

Lips are thin and quickly become dry or flaky. Always carry a lip balm to protect your lips on the go. They act as a layer between your lips and cold weather that suck in all your moisture. Not only this, but lip balm can also provide essential nutrients and protect your skin from drying out.